Earth Calendar for July 21st and July 22nd

Jul 21, 2014

Summer is an active season for people and weather. We can all be Summer Weather-Ready, stay safe and prepare for severe weather with information from NOAA and the tips they offer for summer weather safety. 

From extensive drought and heat waves to tornadoes and Superstorm Sandy, the United States experienced 11 weather and climate disasters in 2012, each with losses in excess of one billion dollars. 2013 was no stranger to extreme weather and climate conditions either, with seven billion-dollar disasters that included tornadoes in the Great Plains, Midwest and Southeast, persistent drought conditions in the West and devastating flooding in Colorado.
It’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected during summer months. Make sure you have the supplies and information you need to stay safe if severe weather or another emergency occurs.
Be aware of what extreme weather events, natural and man-made disasters may occur in your area. Know how you will be notified of an emergency in your community (TV or radio broadcasts, NOAA Weather Radio, Wireless Emergency Alerts, sirens or telephone calls). Learn about emergency plans established by your state or local government and get state-by-state information about natural disasters and preparedness tips.
And Make a Plan. All family members should know how you will contact one another, how you will get back together and what you will do in different emergency situations. Find out if workplaces, daycares and schools have emergency plans. Find more tips and download a family emergency plan at the website.