Earth Calendar for July 20th and July 21st

Jul 20, 2012

According to Cincinnati’s Metropolitan Sewer District, every year, about 14 billion gallons of raw sewage mixed with storm water overflows from our sewers, contaminating local streams and rivers and flooding basements. When water becomes too foul, fish die, wildlife habitats are destroyed, and our drinking water is compromised. Large volumes of contaminated runoff and wastes that enter the storm system are a considerable part of this problem.This can be helped! Just labeling the storm drains in your neighborhood as “no dumping” zones can reduce the occurrences of pollution. Others may not be aware that something as simple as dropping pet waste into a storm sewer impacts the quality of our water. With knowledge, residents can make informed decisions when disposing hazardous waste and understand the direct effects of pesticides, fertilizers and litter. For information on ways you can help your city improve its storm water, visit their website.

On Our Calendar:   Take a hike. Ride your bike. Pack a family picnic lunch. Simply enjoy one of 30 of Ohio's Natural Treasures and take a photo of yourself with the designated landmark for that site and you might win a car.  Just upload your photo along with the entry form and you're eligible to win. You can enter the Nature Conservancy’s sweepstakes once for each Natural Treasures site you visit. 30 sites means 30 chances to win! Go to the website for contest rules, a list of Ohio Natural Treasures and a link to upload your photo.  Contest ends August 8th.