Earth Calendar for July 18th and July 19th

Jul 18, 2012

One way to cut down on paper and energy use is by opting out of home or business phone book delivery, and do all searching online.  According to a recent Harris Survey, the majority of American adults have already stopped using paper phone books and don’t want them.  Unfortunately, it’s also true that most don’t recycle the phone books they receive and about 70% of states still require them to be published.  To request that your name be removed from phone book distribution lists, register at the website.   Some publishers do not honor third party requests, so you may also want to contact your local phone book provider as well as registering at the industry website.  You can also add your name to the Ban the Phone Book Petition, a project of the White Pages digital publisher at   Some 100,000 signatures have been collected along with a survey showing that 81% of people are willing to embrace opt-in programs in which people only receive a phone book if requested.  

On our Calendar:  Mark your calendars for the first Ohio Valley Greenmarket, a celebration of all things sustainable and community based. The program includes a weekend of talks, workshops, and a Sunday farmers market in the meadow of Glenwood Gardens August 3rd – 5th.  For information visit the website.