Earth Calendar for July 16th and July 17th

Jul 16, 2012

In an average year, Americans cut enough grass and other clippings from their yards to equal the weight of 91 Empire State Buildings.  All that waste has to go somewhere and more than 40 percent ends up in landfills.  Some waste makes its way into our waterways where its nutrients become food for algae blooms that close beaches and recreation areas, produce toxins and create “dead zones”.  Almost 60 percent of yard waste is retained in compost piles where its nutrients are conserved and reused.  Compost is a natural, home-made fertilizer that feeds your lawn over the course of its growing season – it also improves the overall health and water dynamics of your soil.  That means you may not have to water your lawn as often and it won’t be as easy for those nutrients to get into our waterways.  Reasons why you should compost?  It Saves Money – You probably won’t have to pay for fertilizers and townships will have less waste to transport.  Some neighborhoods charge fees to remove yardwaste.  On average, yard waste and food scraps account for nearly one third of your annual trash contributions. The Sierra Club offers some good tips and a video on how and why to compost at their website.

On Our Calendar:  Join Keep Cincinnati Beautiful July 20th to help Reds fans recycle.  During the 7th inning, volunteers will swarm the Great American Ballpark stands to collect recyclables! To volunteer visit their website.