Earth Calendar for January 23rd and January 24th

Jan 23, 2013

 Do you want to save money and also help the environment? 

Try printing on both sides of computer paper.  Printing on both sides ensures that you reduce your paper use in half.  This protects forests, avoids pollution, and saves money. Check your printer to see if it does duplex printing.  You will save money on paper, lighten your energy load and save trees.  For an office that usually spends $600.00 a month on paper, switching to duplex printing would save more than $200.00 a month.  When your printer cannot double-side automatically, do it manually. Print all odd pages, then put those sheets back into the paper tray to print the even pages on the clean side. When your current printer needs to be replaced, remember to purchase one with a duplexer.

On Our Calendar:   The Cincinnati Zoo presents an informative and complete landscape series for homeowners. If you are planning on garden renovation or a new installation in your landscape these classes provide great insight on design, preparation and plant selection with emphasis on plants that do best in the Tri-state area. Classes are offered separately but also build upon one another. This is an opportunity to gain the knowledge of soil preparation, maintenance and plant selection and you'll be ready to hit the ground in spring creating a thriving & beautiful garden.  
Sign up for individual classes, or for the entire series and save! Visit the Cincinnati Zoo's website for more information and registration