Earth Calendar for January 21st and January 22nd

Jan 21, 2013

Imago Earth Center presents Ecology on Tap, a series of three monthly programs with a theme tying each program together. 

The series is designed to lead you from a global view of the theme, to a local view and to an action that YOU can do to make an impact.  

  Though related, each session stands alone so you can participate in any or all of them. The best part of Ecology on Tap is that you will be joined by fellow citizens in discussion and problem solving.  Session 1: A Global Discussion on Water is a presentation on the global water dilemma. Learn how our use and misuse of water is affecting communities and the environment. Also hear innovative solutions that have arisen around the world. Join in the discussion and share your thoughts, February 15th, 6:30 pm.  Imago is located at 700 Enright Ave, Cincinnati OH 45205. Each session features dinner and drinks. For information and registration visit the website.

  On Our Calendar:  Young schoolchildren who want to learn about different aspects of nature will benefit from Hamilton County Parks’ School Themed Programs. The programs are taught by experienced staff at various times through the year. These hands on classes teach about science, wildlife, archeology and more.  Programs are being offered on Maple Sugaring for Schools, Nature’s Babies and Archeology for Schools.  For details visit the website.