Earth Calendar for February 20th and February 21st

Feb 20, 2013 will be hosting its 6th Annual Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Certification, kicking off in Cincinnati on Friday March 1st.

This is a 4 weekend course where students will learn how to design sustainable Homes, Yards, Farms and Communities modeled after the resilient and regenerative principles of nature. 

Over the years it has taught dozens of locals how to work more efficiently to grow more food, generate energy, capture water and create homes that work with and enhance nature all while making our lives more integrated with the planet we live on. To learn more please visit, email is a newly formed Non-Profit teaching the Tristate region about Permaculture, ecological design and Do It Yourself Green living. We are based out of Northside, Cincinnati.

On Our Calendar: 

The California Woods Advisory Council will host their annual “Pancakes in the Woods” pancake breakfast at the California Woods Nature preserve. The event will include maple syrup making demonstrations, Cincinnati Police Canine dogs and mounted patrols as well as celebrity chefs including John Ruthven and P.G. Sittenfeld.  March 10th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.