Earth Calendar for February 1st and February 2nd

Feb 1, 2013

Many folks find it challenging to have enough time and space at home for gardening.

If you are familiar with this challenge, but would like to explore your green thumb- Grailville has a workshop for you! Led by expert gardener Mary Lu Lageman, this workshop will present “outside the box” options for raising food and plants in boxes and containers of various sorts. The class will look at the basics of container gardening and varieties of vegetables and herbs that are adapted to containers and investigate how to meet plant needs with soil medium, fertility, light, and water.  You will get a chance for hands-on preparation of a container garden that can be taken home as a “starter” for discovering the rewards of growing food in a small space. Saturday, March 16th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Reservations are required. Limited scholarships may be available. For reservations and more information about scholarships forms and procedures, please visit the website.

On Our Calendar:  The USDA is now accepting applications for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, also known as the “EQUIP” Wildlife Initiative. 

The program, administered by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, provides landowners an opportunity to improve wildlife habitat and the environment through financial incentives.  Interested land users may go online to or call the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at 1-800-858-1549 to learn the name and telephone number of the private lands biologist serving the area.