Earth Calendar for February 18th & February 19th

Feb 18, 2013

Winter can be a hard time for birds.

 With short days and cold nights, our feathered neighbors must spend more time searching for food, water and shelter. To give them a boost, people often feed birds throughout the winter season. Sunflower seed, suet cakes and peanuts are three good sources of protein and fat for birds looking to maintain their body temperatures in cold conditions. Size and placement of feeders is also important, as many birds form large groups, or flocks, in winter due to food scarcity and protection against predators. Feeders are best located in open areas so that birds can find them and survey their surroundings while feeding, but close enough to vegetation to be out of the wind and to provide an easy escape should predators like hawks or owls be detected.  When choosing food for the feeder, select high protein and high fat foods like sunflower seeds or suet for overwintering birds. Select feeders that have squirrel-proofing mechanisms to limit seed loss. When looking for a location to place your feeder, choose a spot that is out of the wind and within 10 to 15 feet of shrub/forested cover. Also, be sure to clean feeders regularly to reduce potentially harmful fungal and bacterial growth.  For more information on winter bird feeding visit the Audubon's website.

On Our Calendar: 

Join the Midwestern Astronomers, a local group of amateur astronomers as they bring their knowledge, and best of all - their telescopes to Chilo Lock 34 Park for an evening of stargazing. You'll discover what's visible in the night sky this time of year, then take a look with the use of a telescope. Friday, February 22nd, 7:00 pm. Rain or cloudy skies will cancel the event. For information call 513-732-2977.