Earth Calendar for December 2nd and December 3rd

Dec 2, 2013



Recent research suggests that a school’s physical environment can play a major role in academic performance.

Leaky roofs; problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; insufficient cleaning or excessive use of cleaning chemicals; and other maintenance issues can trigger a host of health problems including asthma and allergies that increase absenteeism and reduce academic performance. Research links key environmental factors to health outcomes and students’ ability to perform. Improvements in school environmental quality can enhance academic performance, as well as teacher and staff productivity and retention. Research shows that kids in classrooms with outdoor air ventilation rates tend to achieve higher scores in math and reading on standardized tests than students in poorly ventilated classrooms. Schools without a major maintenance backlog have a higher average daily attendance and a lower annual dropout rate.   The EPA offers suggestions about How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Student Health And Academic Performance at the website.









On Our calendar: Stair climbs are sweeping the country and Cincinnati invites you to take part in this unique, challenging fundraiser, February 16, 2014 at The Carew Tower. Everyone from marathoners to corporate execs, work place teams, families honoring loved ones with lung disease, clean air advocates and even couch potatoes looking to get in shape will be there to step up for the fight for air.  Register today to be part of Cincinnati’s 9th annual Fight For Air Climb. Once you are signed up, use the Registered Participant Login link to gain access to special training and fundraising guides available only to registered climbers. It's your legs vs. the stairs, so breathe in, and register now for the climb of your life!