Earth Calendar for August 3rd and August 4th

Aug 3, 2012

The month of August has been designated as National Water Quality Month to remind us of the importance of protecting our ground water supplies. The ways in which we tend to our lawns and gardens, construct and maintain our homes, and dispose of our trash and solid wastes significantly impacts on our water quality.  Water plays a vital role in everyone's daily functions, and it is imperative that we maintain the cleanliness and purity of our drinking water. National Water Quality Month is a time for all of us to reflect on our personal usage habits and on how we can contribute to improving them. Water quality can vary greatly from tap to bottle. Some water may contain mere harmless microbes and bacteria, while other sources can be contaminated with lead, or even radioactive minerals that can measurably impair your health. If you receive water quality reports, items to watch out for include high levels of microbes, arsenic, lead, uranium, giardia and inorganic contamination. Many people no longer trust tap water, period, and depending on where you live, it may well pay to be on guard. The issue of water purity is a problem worth solving, however, given the critical importance of staying well hydrated. National Water Quality Month is a clear invitation to make contaminated water a thing of the past─at least in your own home. 

On Our Calendar:  Families are invited to Imago Earth Center’s Campout filled with music, stories, s'mores, campfires and a night hike. Set up a tent, spend the night and then enjoy a pancake breakfast the next morning! Bring a tent or borrow one from Imago.  Friday August 10th at 7:00 pm.  Information and registration at their website.