Earth Calendar for August 24th and August 25th

Aug 24, 2012

Many people believe that storm sewers lead to a treatment plant; however, storm sewers empty directly into nearby streams without receiving any treatment.  For this reason, it is critical that nothing other than storm water goes into a storm drain. To help educate residents about where storm drains empty, the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District has developed a system of colorful storm drain markers that include a No Dumping message and the Ohio EPA toll-free hotline number to call if you see a spill that threatens a nearby stream, river, or lake.  Three separate labels are available for areas that drain to the East Fork, the Little Miami River, and the Ohio River. Implementation of the Storm Drain Curb Marker Program is simple and efficient.  It consists of only three components; the curb markers, adhesive, and the accompanying door hangers.  The materials are inexpensive and long lasting.  So far, markers have been installed by townships, neighborhood watch groups, homeowners associations, scout troops, and school groups.   The colorful plastic markers will last for 10 years or more. Communities are using this program across the country with great success.  Because the program utilizes volunteers working in their own neighborhoods, it helps build a sense of community and pride, along with a sense of ownership in the quality of our water resources.  Locally, it has the endorsement of the East Fork Watershed Collaborative, which is an association of local agencies, communities, and conservation organizations committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of the East Fork of the Little Miami River.  If your community or group is interested in implementing this program, and would like assistance in setting it up, please visit the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District website  or call (513) 732-7075. 

On Our Calendar:  The Bethel Ohio Asian Longhorned Beetle Citizens Cooperative presents the first Tree Aid Concert September 8th, noon till 8:00 pm. It’s an all day free benefit concert dedicated to the preservation of Southwest Ohio's healthy trees against the Asian Longhorned Beetle.  TreeAid will feature 8 hours of continuous live music from 5 different bands, a variety of food vendors, green industry professionals, educational booths, demonstrations an auction and raffle items.  Admission to Burke Park is free.  This day of music, education and family fun is presented by The Bethel ALB Citizens Cooperative. Burke Park is located at 2534 Swings Corner Point Isabel Road Bethel, Ohio 45106. For information visit this website