Earth Calendar for August 22nd and August 23rd

Aug 22, 2012

Every summer, we drench our lawns with water from the garden hose!  That makes grass – not corn – America’s largest irrigated crop.  Our nation’s lawns now cover an area larger than New York State and each year, we use about 2.4 million metric tons of fertilizer just to maintain them.  When there is too much fertilizer on our lawns, essential nutrients are easily washed away by sprinklers and rainstorms. When these nutrients enter storm drains and water bodies, they often become one of the most harmful sources of water pollution in the United States. Luckily, we can address this problem simply by watering lawns in different way to save money, conserve water and protect water quality.  Use a Soaker Hose – these hoses are lined with thousands of tiny holes, allowing them to leach water into the soil at a slower rate than a normal hose or sprinkler. Or try a rain barrel – capture and save some of that free rainwater and use to water your lawn or garden later. Remember to check local regulations about rain water collection before installing a barrel.

On Our Calendar: Cincinnati Nature Center’s annual nighttime celebration “Preparing for Night” welcomes the community to explore nature’s magnificence - at night! Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and experience an evening full of nighttime wonder and excitement. The festivities take place on Friday, September 7th, from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road in Milford, OH.  For more information about this and other Cincinnati Nature Center programs, please visit the website or call (513)831-1711.   Cincinnati Nature Center is a nonprofit environmental education organization dedicated to a mission of enriching lives by inspiring passion for nature through experience, education and stewardship.