Earth Calendar for August 14th and August 15th

Aug 14, 2013


The US EPA offers a school flag program to raise awareness about air quality conditions by raising flags in front of schools during the week. The School Flag Program uses colored flags based on US EPA’s Air Quality Index to notify teachers, coaches, students and others about air quality conditions.



A green flag means the air quality is good, yellow means air quality is acceptable, orange means the air quality is unacceptable for sensitive groups, red means the air quality is unhealthy and everyone should limit outdoor exertion and a purple flag means the air quality is very unhealthy

The EPA uses the AQI for 5 common air pollutants: ground level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. For each pollutant, EPA has established air quality standards to protect against harmful health effects. Schools raise a colored flag each day that that corresponds to their local air quality forecast.The purpose of the flag program is to create public awareness of outdoor air quality conditions so kids can continue to exercise while protecting their health when air quality is in unhealthy ranges. Kids are at greater risk from air pollution because their lungs are still developing and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults. Even when air quality is unhealthy, exercise can be continued indoors for kids who have symptoms outdoors. Recommendations for outdoor activities on poor air quality days can be found at the website under the school flag program.



On Our Calendar: Friends of Kenton Paw Park and the Kenton County Animal Shelter will present a pool party for dogs in Pioneer Park, August 18th. Baby pools will be placed throughout the Paw Park for the dog’s enjoyment and owner’s entertainment! Food, beverages and much more will be available for purchase and all proceeds will benefit operation and maintenance of Kenton Paw Park. FREE admission and FREE parking. The paw park is located at 3950 Madison Pike in Covington, KY 41017. For more information call (859) 356-7400 or visit the website.