Earth Calendar for August 13th and August 14th

Aug 13, 2012

If the air quality outside was harmful, wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy tool that could give you a quick “heads up” before you head out? Well, the American Lung Association has just such a tool for you – and it’s free!  Despite continued improvements in air quality across the country, unhealthy levels of air pollution still exist. The American Lung Association has created a new State of the Air smartphone application, a life-saving resource for people living with lung disease like asthma and COPD, people with heart disease, as well as older adults and children. The State of the Air app enables users to enter their zip code or use the geo-locator to get current and next-day air quality conditions. The app also provides levels of both ozone and particle pollution, and pushes out alerts if local air quality is code orange or worse. Depending on the severity of the day’s air pollution, the app will provide vital health recommendations – advising that outdoor activities should be rescheduled or that people who work outdoors should limit extended or heavy exertion. This air quality information is based on data made available to the public by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The American Lung Association app is available for free download in the Apple and Android markets, or at their website.

On Our Calendar:  The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has teamed up with The Social Network For The Planet to create an online and mobile “green action” campaign to raise money for the Zoo. Every “green” action you share on now through August 31st, earns the Cincinnati Zoo 25 cents. When you turn off a light, carpool, unplug an appliance or do any energy -saving action, go to the website  and your actions.  It’s easy and the Zoo benefits!