DCCH Music and Arts Festival...Fun for a Good Cause

Jun 3, 2014

DCCH Center for Children and Families was founded in 1848 as an orphanage. It has operated continuously since then, providing care for children in Kentucky. Every child at DCCH has been removed from their families by the state of Kentucky due to extreme physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The Residential Treatment Program at DCCH cares for 40 children on a 24 hour/day basis. DCCH provides each child with shelter, food, clothing, education, therapy and recreational activities. Children live and attend school on the DCCH campus in Ft. Mitchell, KY. Children stay at DCCH for about a year.

The cost to feed, clothe, educate and provide therapy per child, PER DAY is $278. DCCH must cover a $1 million shortfall created by a lack of government funding. DCCH has not received a funding increase from the Commonwealth in over ten years. DCCH is the only facility in our region that accepts boys and girls, the only facility for children under the age of ten and the only facility with an onsite school.

This year’s two-day Festival on June 6th and 7th, will showcase 13 bands on two stages, an expanded craft beer garden featuring Mad Tree Brewing, food trucks, children’s entertainment in their historic barn, a bouncy house village, games of chance and more.

100% of the net proceeds directly benefit the 40 children living at DCCH.  We spoke with Stacy Neurohr, Development Coordinator at DCCH Center for Children and Families for some background on this festival.

What prompted you to start the DCCH Music Festival? 
We’ve had a “church-type” festival at DCCH Center for 75 years, but felt it was becoming stale and needed new life.  A friend and I attended Bunbury Music Festival, thought it was not only a blast, but extremely well run and wanted to bring some of the energy that Cincinnati is experiencing to the Kentucky side of the river. Our Development Director, Paul Miller, had been wanting to change up the Festival format, and this seemed like a great opportunity to showcase great local music, food and beer in a gorgeous setting. 100% of the net proceeds from the DCCH Music Festival are used to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and therapy for the children we serve.

What was your favorite experience at the festival last year?
Seeing people from all walks of life and all ages enjoying themselves.  During the headliner’s set Saturday night, it was so amazing to see this huge crowd of people, lit up by the stage lights, dancing in a rain shower, but still having a blast.


What bands do you look forward to seeing? 
We’ve got something for every taste in music, from reggae to country.  I loved The Cincy Brass last year and I’m excited to check them out again. The Ready Stance is one of my favorite local bands, Jeremy Pinnell and the 55’s are awesome, and Jamison Road is back to promote their new album.


What can one expect at the Festival?
Local music (20 bands!) on the WNKU and Zimmer Chrysler Stages all weekend, killer food trucks, a huge craft beer garden featuring MadTree Brewing Co., a Kids’ Zone with really unique entertainment both nights, a huge Bounce House Village and an opportunity to help out some really deserving kids.


Where can one go to donate to the Center if not able to attend the Festival?  We’re on Facebook, Twitter @DCCHMusicFest, Instagram #DCCHMusicFest , or you can go donate HERE.


DCCH Music and Arts Festival

75 Orphanage Road

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017

Friday June 6th 6 – 11:30p
Saturday June 7th 4 – 11:30p