Dave "Juicy" Foreman, 1955 - 2013

Aug 19, 2013

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our co-worker and friend, Dave "Juicy" Foreman.

Last fall, when we found ourselves in need of a sound engineer, Brian O'D said he knew just the guy.  Soon thereafter, we were introduced to Dave, and we've not been the same since. 

Dave was the kind of guy who would make you smile before you even saw his face.  He'd typically arrive to work late in the morning (he was a sound guy, after all), and although his office was at the other end of the hall from most of the staff, he'd be sure to wander down the hallway and greet each person with his big voice and even bigger smile.

Dave made us sound good.  Really good.  Whether it was a full concert in Studio 89, a monitor mix for the Heartless Bastards, or a last minute mix for an unknown band coming by the studio, everything just sounded better with Dave at the helm.

Dave grew up with John Hiatt, hung out with Steve Earle, and mixed audio for acts like Los Lobos, The BoDeans, Dwight Yoakam, and many more.  He toured as Over the Rhine's front of house engineer from 2005-2009, and recorded and mixed their live album, Live From Nowhere, Vol. 3.  He joined WNKU part time in November of 2012.   He was also an engineer at The Monastery recording studio.

Most of us didn't even know Dave for a full year, but he was definitely "one of us," as we often like to say. 

Brian O'D certainly knew him best and had this to say about Dave... 

"Few people I've known have been so addicted to music....most of it very GOOD music. David was one of those. He loved working with musicians / they loved working with him. He recognized art as art and not a way to earn a paycheck. When we talked about the possibility of him working as sound engineer at WNKU he kept stressing....'I don't care how much I get paid...hell, I don't care IF I get paid.'  

'Dave, shut-up...don't go sayin' that !,'  I told him.'

'No, really,' he said.  'WNKU's a one of a kind station & I just wanna be there.'

And that was the truth.  Huge heart...loved his wife, son and daughter immensely...and they, him. We all love you too, David. You'll be sorely missed but always in our hearts."

We'll miss you, Dave.  May you rest in peace.