Clermont Health District Waives Many Fees for Tornado Victims

Mar 15, 2012

March 15, 2012


Batavia, Ohio.  The Clermont County General Health District Board has approved waiving a number of fees for victims of the March 2, 2012 tornado and devastating storms that hit southern Clermont County, killing three people and causing millions of dollars in property damage.


The following fees will be waived for storm victims:


1)       Plumbing permit fees for all buildings damaged by the tornado are waived.  Building damage must be documented by a Clermont Building Department inspection.  Any undocumented situations are resolved by Building Department inspection or records.


2)       Residents of homes receiving major damage or that were destroyed, where contents were likely to be unrecoverable or severely damaged will have the Health District portion of the fees ($9) for replacement birth certificates waived.  Individuals will still be required to pay the State of Ohio portion of the fee ($14).  Documentation of the damaged home must be on record in the Clermont Building Department database, where tornado damage is documented by inspectors.


3)       Homes with septic systems that received damage, as a result of the tornado, will be required to obtain an alteration permit for any needed repairs.  The cost of the alteration permit ($105) will be waived.  Damage to the homes must be documented by the Building Department Inspectors in the Building Department database.


4)       Properties with septic systems that were impacted by the tornado that have been documented by the Building Department will not be charged for their 2012 Basic System Assessments scheduled in May, June and July 2012 ($30).  If the system was damaged by the tornado, no re-inspection fees will be applied.  If the system is failing for reasons that are independent of the tornado, one re-inspection fee will be waived ($45) but any further re-inspection fees incurred will be charged as normal.  Contact the General health District at 732-7499 for additional information.


***The Board of Clermont County Commissioners has also waived fees for building permits involving structures damaged by the March 2, 2012 storms.  For additional information, contact a permit specialist at Clermont County Permit Central at 732-7213.