Clermont County Leads Cleanup Efforts in Moscow, Ohio

Mar 5, 2012

Clermont County has brought in two 20-foot by 30-foot public-support trailers to Moscow, Ohio this morning. They're in the parking lot at 30 Wells Street to help those hit by Friday's tornadoes and severe storms. The following agencies now have representatives at the public support trailer:

The Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services-which will offer public assistance and help to replace items, such as public assistance cards, that might have been lost in the storms.

The Mental Health and Recovery Board-which will help residents deal with stress and other issues.

The Red Cross-which is providing family assistance.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office-which will offer help with fraud prevention.

A liaison is also being provided to help residents get in contact with volunteers who will assist in removing fallen trees and other debris from yards.