Cincinnati's Walk the Moon on Late Night with David Letterman

Jun 20, 2012

Yesterday, Cincinnati's Walk the Moon released their self-titled major-label debut.  Of course, lots of folks have been taking notice of this band for at least the last 18 months.

  In 2011, Esquire Magazine named Anna Sun their official song of summer.  This year, fans voted Anna Sun the song of summer on MTV's Buzzworthy blog, beating out Rihanna, Wiz Kalifa, and boy band sensation, The Wanted.  In April of this year, they appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  A little later, Anna Sun was the iTunes download of the week.  This week, they were named MTV's Push Artist of the Week.  We could go on and on.

Their ridiculously catchy tunes have earned this praise on their own merit, but you might trace the birth of this giant "snowball" to the video for Anna Sun which went viral early in 2011 and has since logged over 1.7 million views.  The video was shot in Cincinnati's Mockbee Building in Over the Rhine by then unknown videographer and UC grad, Patrick Meier.

Of course...and here's where we toot our own horn just a bit...WNKU has been playing Anna Sun and several other great tracks from their independent release, I Want, I Want since October of 2010.  Next month, the band's self-titled release will be WNKU's CD of the Month.

But last night, Walk the Moon kicked down the proverbial door to the rest of the music world with their appearance on David Letterman.  Check it out below.  It's as good as it gets, and Dave's chatter with the band afterwards is clear evidence that he was as impressed as the rest of us have been for months now.

All we can do now is sit back, watch the rocket ship scream into space, and smile knowingly as we remember the "good 'ol days" when Walk the Moon stopped by our studios and played WNKU's Tunes & Blooms series at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way.  Well done, boys.  Well done.