Choose from Four New T-Shirts When You Join WNKU

Sep 19, 2013

In the spring of 2013, we introduced the iconic "Mash the Button, Wayne" t-shirt commemorating the long-running Sunday bluegrass show, Music From the Hills of Home with legendary hosts, Katie Laur and the "guy who plays Wayne."

The "Mash the Button, Wayne" T was such a hit that we had our fashion department whip up a design commemorating WNKU's Saturday night dance party, You're On the Air with Mr. Rhythm Man

So now, your Daddy-O on the Radio has his own clothing line.   This colorful T was designed for the summer with a nod to the great jazz album cover artist of the 40's and 50's, Jim Flora.   Your Platter-pushin' Papa never looked so good. 

Pledge $120 to WNKU and ask for the "You're On the Air with Mr. Rhythm Man" T-shirt.

Now, with the arrival of all, we've introduced two brand new designs! 

Show your love of folk music on WNKU with the Front Porch T.

Make a pledge of $10/month and it's yours as thanks for your generous support of WNKU and The Front Porch.

The design of this new t-shirt is intended to represent the range of genre, generation, gender and ethnicity that the Front Porch embraces.  To that end, the images depicted are of the following:

This unique t-shirt is only available through your support of this unique station.  Make your pledge today!

Finally, we have the Real Mary Peale T-Shirt.  It speaks for itself, as does Mary.  Choose from any one of these shirts when you make a pledge of $10/month to WNKU.