Become a Sustaining Member of WNKU

Sep 19, 2013

Call 1-855-897-1059 or join securely online. There's never been a better way to support this radio station than by becoming a Sustaining Member

As a Sustaining Member, there's no need to renew every year.  There are no more renewal notices, and no more asking yourself, "did I give in the fall or the spring?" 

You simply decide how much WNKU is worth to you per month, and we'll charge that amount to your credit card on a monthly basis just like a bill for any other service you value.  The only difference is, YOU decide how much to give!

You'll still be able to choose a thank you gift once a year, and you'll be automatically entered into any sweepstakes.   

A WNKU Sustaining Membership is incredibly convenient for you, it helps the planet, and it provides more reliable revenue for music and programs you rely on from WNKU.   It's a win-win-win!

Become a WNKU Sustaining Member Today.