20th Bockfest Celebration Dinner: Return of the Beefsteak Club

Feb 17, 2012

20th Bockfest Celebration Dinner takes place Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 6PM.

In the spring of 1896, the Windisch-Muhlhauser Brewery hosted some of the most prominent Cincinnatians. Guests enjoyed an elegant meal with beer pairings in the unlikely ambiance of the brewery. Cincinnati's political and social elite enjoyed the experience so much that it became a regular occurrence, and the standard guest list called themselves members of the Beefsteak Club.

Bockfest and Arnold’s are proud to announce the resurrection of this tradition. Instead of steak and Windisch-Muhlhauser, we will be serving slow roasted pig and goat (with apologies to Schnitzel!), sides of sauces, greens, red beans and rice, yams, potatoes, all paired with Christian Moerlein lagers and ales. Of course, there will be pie, bread pudding, and coffee to end the dinner off. You do not need to hold elected office, wear a bowler hat, or own a monocle to attend, but we do consider the people who join us to help make Bockfest possible to be the finest and most important members of Cincinnati society.

The historic malt room in the new Christian Moerlein Brewery will be transformed into a private dinner club decorated with many of the original works of art associated with Bockfest. Artist Jim Effler will unveil the 20th Bockfest original oil painting, and Effler and other hosts will discuss the storied, inside history of twenty years of Bockfest. Guests will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the nineteenth century lagering cellars under the brewery and free rides in the famous Arnold’s bathtub.

In addition to great food and drink and a signed copy of this year’s Bockfest print, guests will have a chance to win free accommodations in a penthouse suite at Garfield Suites for Bockfest 2012, a chance to drive the Arnold’s bathtub in the Bockfest Parade, and a dinner for two at Arnold’s.

Come join the people behind Arnold's, Christian Moerlein and Bockfest and become part of our version of the Beefsteak Club. All proceeds of the event go toward making Bockfest happen. Your support is needed and doing the right thing is almost never this much fun. Tickets are $75 and available at www.bockfest.com.