Tom Sweeney


With encouragement from  WNKU alumni Eric Kuckels I started hosting evening music program on Monday and Tuesday  in the fall of 1991.

My musical interested have always resided in 60's-70's roots influenced Music. During my 4 years at Xavier University I hosted a program called "Retrospect" which was steeped in bay area Grateful Deadish type music.  After a few months with WNKU I suggested we consider broadcasting the annual Grateful Dead New years eve concert via Satellite from San Francisco , after all it had been welcomed with hungry ears at WVXU.  We did, and it was a big success.  Shortly thereafter, we picked up the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead hour which followed with an invitation for  me to  host  a locally-produced program focused on the roots, branches, and influences of Grateful Dead music.  "The Golden Road" gave birth and was hosted by Myself, Pete Delgado, and Dave Gardner.

Over the past 19 years it's morphed and evolved into a program that reflects the individuality of it's current lineup of hosts which includes Andrew Newbold and Ken Hanes.

It's been "A Long Stange Trip" and, hopefully, you can stop in Saturday nights for a heaping dose of some good 'ol Grateful Dead.