Steve Hirschberg

Assignment Editor / Reporter

Steve has been a public radio news reporter in the Cincinnati area for three decades. He began with WGUC, then WVXU, and in 2005, came to WNKU. Steve covers breaking news, writes WNKU’s local afternoon newscasts and produces feature-length interviews and other feature stories that are heard each weekday. Steve also serves as WNKU’s News Assignment Editor. Steve has written and produced news stories and features for National Public Radio, the worldwide broadcasts of Voice of America, Ohio Public Radio, and Monitor Radio.


Regional News
1:14 pm
Wed January 30, 2013

Ohio Highway Patrol: Don't Drink and Drive on Super Sunday

The Dayton Daily News

If you are attending or hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has this warning: Don't drink and drive; and don't allow your guests to drive impaired. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg talked with Patrol spokesman Trooper Vincent Shirey.

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Regional News
11:46 am
Tue January 29, 2013

Expert Talks About How to Save Old Churches

In many parts of the country, congregations of older churches, synagogues and other  houses of worship are having trouble making ends meet. But there is a non-profit resource center that can help them find ways to keep open the doors of their  historic buildings. The Philadelphia-based organization is called Partners for Sacred Places. Bob Jaeger is president and co-founder. Recently Jaeger spoke at a  meeting of the Covington Business Council. He told WNKU's Steve Hirschberg that he saw the need for such an organization back in the early 1980's.

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Regional News
10:48 am
Mon January 28, 2013

NKU Masters Students Create Documentary on Civil War Battle

Steve Oldfield

Two Masters Degree grad students in Northern Kentucky University's Public History Program are working on a documentary about a little-known Civil War battle. The documentary is called "Hurrah for Kentucky...the Fierce, Forgotten Fight for Augusta". WNKU's Steve Hirschberg asked co-producer Steve Oldfield how the project got started. 

Regional News
11:25 am
Wed January 23, 2013

Corp. for Findlay Market Gets New Leader

The Corporation for Findlay Market has a new President and CEO. He's Joe Hansbauer, a Cincinnati native whose career credits include being the founder of the young professionals volunteer organization called Give Back Cincinnati. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg asked Hansbauer why he decided to take the job.

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Regional News
11:11 am
Thu January 17, 2013

Orville Wright's Home in Dayton Area Worth a Visit

Hawthorn Hill, home of the Wright Brothers

The descendants of the Wright Brothers have agreed, for the first time, to allow licensing of the brothers' name to certain as yet unspecified products. The plan is part of an effort to generate funds to maintain the family mansion called Hawthorn Hill in the Oakwood suburb of Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Brian Hackett is Director of Northern Kentucky University's Public History Program and is knowledgeable about the house. He talked with WNKU's Steve Hirschberg.  

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Regional News
6:42 am
Wed January 16, 2013

Cincinnati's Neighborhood Enhancement Program to Target 2 more Communities This Year

City of Cincinnati

Mount Airy and Carthage are the two Cincinnati neighborhoods that will benefit from a 90-day cleanup this year under the city's Neighborhood Enhancement Program. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg reports.

New series of foot races in Cincinnati
10:45 am
Mon January 14, 2013

Christian Moerlein, Flying Pig Marathon Join Forces for New Racing Series

The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company and the Flying Pig Marathon are co-sponsoring a series of foot races this year. The three races will  highlight Cincinnati's brewing heritage. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg asked Iris Simpson Bush, Executive Director of the Flying Pig Marathon, why the two organizations have joined forces on this project.

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Regional News
5:43 pm
Thu January 10, 2013

NKU To Become Tobacco-Free Campus

Northern Kentucky University's Board of Regents has voted unanimously to make the NKU campus tobacco-free. University President Geoffrey Mearns will set up a task force that will recommend how to implement the new policy.  The work of the task force could take up to 18 months. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg asked NKU Spokesman Chris Cole why the regents decided to ban tobacco from the campus. 

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Regional News
12:09 pm
Wed January 9, 2013

KY Transportation Cabinet Seeks Public Input

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is seeking public opinion about the state's transportation needs during the next 20 years. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg talked about the "Your Turn" survey with Transportation Cabinet Information Officer Ryan Watts.

Surveys are available at by clicking on the "Your Turn" survey link.

Access is also available at

You can also contact

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More Kentuckians want statewide smoke-free law
11:23 am
Tue January 8, 2013

Survey: More Kentuckians Favor Statewide Smoke-Free Law

In the latest version of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky's annual survey that began three years ago, the highest to-date percentage of Kentuckians supports a statewide smoke-free law. WNKU's Steve Hirschberg talked about the poll and its results with Dr. Susan Zepeda, the non-profit foundation's President and CEO. 

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