Mr. Rhythm Man


While still in his teens, in 1954, Mr. Rhythm Man got his first big break into show biz, as "best boy", with Ina Ray Hutton's All-Girl Orchestra.

Afficianados of 1960s b-movie film neo-noir will remember his performance as Dude, in the forgotten masterpiece,  "Who Hit Annie in the Fanny With a Flounder". 

The 70s and 80s saw him back on the road, playing rhythm flex-o-tone with one of the many competing touring versions of the doo-wop group, Mimmity Mama and the Moo Moo’s.

Your daddy-o on the radio, and the buxotic Mr. Rhythm Man Dancers,  began their tenure at WNKU in the summer of 1996, as part of a blackmail settlement with thrush-songbird Katie Laur, who’s always had a lot of clout with management.