Mary Peale


For years, the Real Mary Peale hosted the legendary Jelly Pudding show Sunday nights on 92.5 the Fox.  In 2008, the owners of the Fox decided they couldn't afford Mary any longer.  Hey, you pay for what you get, right?  So, we invited Mary to join WNKU's Saturday line up, already chock full of radio legends Brian O'D, Little Steven, and Mr. Rhythm Man.  Of course, we can't afford Mary either, but she seems to like us anyway.

The Real Mary Peale Show

The Jelly Pudding Show was created by Frank Wood, Jr. in the 60’s for air on the new classical station owned by his father.  That station was, of course, the now legendary WEBN.  The Jelly Pudding Show aired in the early morning hours and presented deeper album cuts from popular artists.  The show with its album-oriented format became so popular that it eventually led to WEBN changing from a mostly classical format to an album rock station.  As that happened, the Jelly Pudding name went away for a number of years until the new owners of WEBN purchased 92.5 in the mid nineties and the show was revived on Sunday nights with host, Mary Peale.