Gary Keegan

Host / Operations Manager

Prior to WNKU, Gary Keegan worked at Warm 98, WNOP, and WYGY 96.5 in Cincinnati, as well as stations in Indiana and Florida. He taught for 21 years at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Keegan is also a United States Marine who did two tours in Vietnam. His drill instructor was Lee Ermey – the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket and now the Geico commercials. No, really. His drill instructor, quite literally, was Lee Ermey. Keegan is also married with two grown children. He’s a native of Covington, KY and currently resides in Anderson, OH.

Ways to Connect

Band of Heathens Joins Gary Keegan In The Studio

Jul 26, 2012

Band of Heathens joined Gary Keegan in the large studio at WNKU on July 26, 2012. Listen to what they had to say and you might also catch a few tunes throughout the interview!

Jon Langford and Company; Skull Orchard Visit WNKU

Jun 8, 2012

Gary Keegan spent some time with Jon Langford and the members of Skull Orchard on the first of June. The painter and musician, along his gang were able to play a few tunes for us including 1234ever, before their big show at MOTR.  Langford began behind the drum kit for The Mekons, but was out in front with a guitar by the time the band recorded its masterpiece, Fear and Whiskey, often credited as the first alternative country album. He discussed more about that unique term, alternative country, with WNKU's Gary Keegan.

May 21 to 25

May 29, 2012

BusinessWise for the week of May 21 to 25 has George Vredeveld on the economy, Tom Cooney & Crystal Faulkner on tax amnesty & summer jobs for kids, Mark Exterkamp on banking regulations, Vanessa Indriolo on 5/3 rd investment program and Stephanie Cappel & Thomasene Johnson on PASS mission.

Yonder Mountain String Band In The Studio

May 4, 2012

In case you missed it, the incredible Yonder Mountain String Band visited WNKU's Studio. Gary Keegan was able to squeeze in the ever-popular question, "You got hit by a car..?" Keegan also got in some other great questions with this fun, music-loving group of people and not to mention hear some great tunes. 

Derek Trucks Pays WNKU a Special Visit

Apr 30, 2012

Derek Trucks stopped by for a special visit with Gary Keegan On Thursday April 26th.  Since the merge of the couple’s two bands, the album "Revelator" won its spot at number one on our Top 89 of 2011, voted every year by WNKU listeners. Though Derek was alone in WNKU’s studio, he sure is not alone on the brand new album.