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“I was born in Chicago, 19 and…….” But we moved here when I was 6, so memories of childhood in the Windy City become more vague every year. Went to Purcell H.S. when it was still all guys….pre-Marian and then U.C.  Married to Sandie since '78 with a couple of sons , Paddy & Ian & their daughters, Amaya & Jada...Papa's girls.

First radio job: That was an all-nighter. I was really in the right place at the right time in 1973 when the all-night Saturday-into-Sunday morning announcer position became available at what was then my favorite radio station—WEBN. That was a classy place to work, headed up by the visionary Frank Wood, Sr., a great and gracious man. Wood built the station to expand classical music and jazz programming in Cincinnati. In the early 70s, WEBN played a broader range of music, from great Motown tunes, to folkies like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Dylan, CSNY, to Zappa & the Mothers—toss in a little bluegrass piece by the Scruggs Revue, perhaps a Ken Nordine spoken word gem or a funny Robert Klein routine, Beatles, Zepellin, Stones—and new acts, at that time—the Eagles, and Jackson Browne. It was a phenomenal time to listen to radio and it was a remarkable time to start working in the medium.

I felt very fortunate to be at WEBN then. Really, I had very little experience, just some time spent at WFIB on campus at U.C. and at WGUC, overnights, when it was located on campus as well. I stayed at WEBN, going from weekends & fill-ins to a regular 10pm-2am shift, then middays for my last year there in 1979.

I spent 7 years at WMOH in Hamilton on the air, and as Program Director & Production Manager in ’87. I became Production Director and did on-air work at WLLT-FM, Lite-95, and a couple years later that station became the Classic Rock station, The FOX. I helped put the FOX on the air and did both mornings & afternoons there until Clear Channel (then Jacor) acquired the property in ’94.

I was also on board at the old WAVE, with the Smooth Jazz format. Shortly thereafter, I started working here at WNKU, doing early Saturday mornings….and I will be here ‘til they drag me out kickin’ & screamin’. I also do the morning show on Cincinnati’s Classical Public radio, WGUC, and have been since 1997.

WNKU reminds me a lot of those early 70’s days at WEBN. It’s great fun to be involved in this station that cares so much about its product AND its audience. It comes right back from the audience to the station in e-mails & calls. Very gratifying.

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12:52 pm
Thu February 19, 2015

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