6:29 pm
Fri December 9, 2011

What Countries Are Doing To Tackle Climate Change


Originally published on Sun December 11, 2011 10:49 am

While nations wrangle over a new global treaty on climate change, the question on many minds is: What happens next?

Key portions of the Kyoto Protocol are set to expire at the end of 2012. But many of the world's major greenhouse gas emitters have already set national targets to reduce emissions, and they're forging their own initiatives to meet those goals.

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5:43 pm
Fri December 9, 2011

Congress Won't Recess To Block Obama Appointments

The U.S. Capitol is seen above in 2009 as senators worked late into the night on legislation. The light signifying that Congress is in session may remain on this holiday season as well, since House Republicans have said they will remain in a pro-forma session.
Mark Wilson Getty Images

Originally published on Sat December 10, 2011 6:45 am

Senate Republicans blocked confirmation votes on two of President Obama's most high-profile nominees this week — one for a seat on a federal appeals court, the other to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Traditionally, the end-of-the-year holidays have allowed presidents to bypass Congress and give such thwarted nominees recess appointments. But an angry President Obama is quickly leaning that this might not be the case this year.

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The Two-Way
5:38 pm
Fri December 9, 2011

Scientists Find Studying For Test To Become London Cabbie Enlarges Brain

A taxi driver stands outside his cab in London, England.
Dan Kitwood Getty Images

Originally published on Fri December 9, 2011 5:42 pm

To become a cab driver in London, you have to acquire "The Knowledge," which is their fancy way of saying that you have to memorize all the streets in London. It's quite a process that takes most three to four years to complete.

Now, scientists have found that studying for the test makes your brain bigger. The U.K. Press Association reports:

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Mike Pesca first reached the airwaves as a 10-year-old caller to a New York Jets-themed radio show and has since been able to parlay his interests in sports coverage as a National Desk correspondent  for NPR based in New York City.

Pesca enjoys training his microphone on anything that occurs at a track, arena, stadium, park, fronton, velodrome or air strip (i.e. the plane drag during the World's Strongest Man competition). He has reported from Los Angeles, Cleveland and Gary. He has also interviewed former Los Angeles Ram Cleveland Gary. Pesca is a panelist on the weekly Slate podcast “Hang up and Listen”.

The Salt
5:05 pm
Fri December 9, 2011

The Surprising Ingredient In Raw Cookie Dough That Could Make You Sick

So tempting, but don't do it. Raw cookie dough can indeed make you sick.

Cookie dough may be one of the joys of the holiday season, but it's dangerous, at least for people who nibble it raw.

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As an NPR correspondent based in Tucson, Arizona, Ted Robbins covers the Southwest including Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Specifically, Robbins reports on a range of issues from immigration and border security to water issues and wildfires. He covers the economy in the West with an emphasis on the housing market and Las Vegas development. He reported on the January 2011, Tucson shooting that killed six and injured many included Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Since joining WNKU 5+ years ago as Membership Manager, Holladay has concentrated on improving customer service, increasing public visibility, and personalizing all membership engagement. Presently she is concentrating on more innovative ways to acquire and increase membership throughout the stations’ listening area utilizing the latest technologies for ease and convenience.

Holladay is also the Producer and Host of “VOICES4theSoul”, a radio series featuring meaningful connecting songs and interviews from artists. That program airs on Sunday mornings on WNKU and is made available to other public radio stations on PRX.ORG.

Kim is a 1990 Graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a BA in English.  Kim's job is, in a nutshell, "to deliver the goods".  Whether it's making sure our business sponsors are on the air at the appropriate times (we call that "Traffic" in the biz) or overseeing the timely shipment of thank you gifts to our members, Kim is one of the last and most important links in the customer service chain. 

Kim enjoys being part of the many events at the radio station and other venues.  She's thankful to have learned to appreciate artists unfamiliar to her and to understand public radio more in depth.  Kim resides in Highland Heights, Kentucky with her husband and two children.

Jeff loves working through the night, making the machines purr, keeping WNKU on the air, traveling around the world, climbing towers, serving desserts at Hosea House every month, and spreading love around the planet!