Local News
4:52 pm
Fri June 18, 2004

MUSE New Spirituals Concert

Cincinnati, OH – MUSE-Cincinnati's Women's Choir is presenting its tenth annual new spirituals concert on June 25th. WNKU's Maryanne Zeleznik reports this year's performance is designed to honor the opening of the Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

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Local News
11:37 am
Wed June 16, 2004

More Erpenbeck Plea Agreements?

Highland Heights, KY – Two more people involved in the Erpenbeck home building scandal are reportedly close to reaching plea agreements with federal prosecutors. WNKU's Jay Hanselman talked with Kentucky Post reporter Bob Driehaus about the latest developments in the on-going investigation.

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11:42 am
Tue June 15, 2004

Martin Giesbrecht on Diseases

Highland Heights, KY – Do you remember the Hong Kong flu? How about SARS that originated in China? With international trade and travel as prolific as it is today, any disease from anyplace can spread to anywhere within a day or two. Martin Giesbrecht says so can a lot of other things.

Martin Giesbrecht is professor emeritus of economics at Northern Kentucky University. His remarks reflect his personal opinions and are not necessarily those of Northern Kentucky University, its board of regents or WNKU.

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4:23 pm
Fri June 11, 2004

Jeffrey Williams Commentary: Ronald Reagan

Highland Hts, KY – On this national day of mouring for former president Ronald Reagan, commentator Jeffrey Williams has some thoughts about how the nation is remembering the late president:

Jeffrey Williams is a history professor at Northern Kentucky University

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9:01 am
Thu June 10, 2004

Speaking Frankly: Voice of the Voter

Cincinnati, OH – This week on Speaking Frankly, the first in a series of discussions with area voters about the presidential campaign and election

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Local News
1:48 pm
Wed June 9, 2004

Dinozone comes to the Zoo

Cincinnati, OH – The Cincinnati Zoo's new exhibit Dinozone is now open. WNKU's Sara Wittmeyer got a sneak preview:

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2:22 pm
Fri June 4, 2004

Speaking Frankly: Obesity

Highland Heights, KY – Nearly two thirds of Americans are overweight, resulting in more people with high blood pressure, diabetes and joint problems. We talk about how to deal with the problem for life

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1:19 pm
Fri June 4, 2004

Pete Rightmire:slow or busy June

Highland Heights, KY – Everything seems to slow down just a bit come June. Even those of us who no longer get summers off are affected by the laziness of the month. But Pete Rightmire says there's more going on in June than many of us realize:

Pete Rightmire is a freelance writer living in Edgewood, KY

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10:37 am
Tue June 1, 2004

Martin Giesbrecht says sometimes we have too many choices

HIghland Heights, KY – Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Martin Geisbrecht says yes, especially when choices and alternatives are that good thing.

Marin Giesbrecht is professor emeritus of economics at Northern Kentucky University

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3:55 pm
Fri May 28, 2004

Jeffrey Williams:reflecting on World War II

Highland Heights, KY – This Memorial Day Weekend, veterans of World War II will be honored by the official opening of the National World War Two Memorial in Washington, DC. A week later, veterans of D-Day 1944 that began the final phase of the war against Hitler's fascism will be honored at the 60th anniversary of the Normandy Landings. Commentator Jeffrey Williams reflects on the significance of what veterans began:

Jeffrey Williams is a history profesor at Northern Kentucky University.

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