We love music and know you do, too.  Live concerts, music videos, in-studio performances, playlists, and more.  It's all here on the new, so poke around and enjoy the music!

Music Playlists
Wondering who sang that song you heard last Tuesday?  Can't remember the name of the song John played yesterday afternoon at 2:15?  Check out our searchable playlists!

In the Studio
You'd be amazed at the artists we've been lucky to have stop by the studios.  Fortunately, we've recorded most of those visits.

Live in Concert
Our friends at NPR Music get to see all the cool concerts.  Luckily for you, they've recorded a lot of them for your enjoyment.

Being part of a top notch university allows us access to some super talented media students.   We've gladly allowed them to shoot video of many of our in-studio performances.

CD of the Month
Every month, John Patrick picks out the CD of the Month and we send a copy to our CD of the Month Club members.  Find out how you can support WNKU and join the club.

Top 89 CDs
Every year, our listeners vote for the Top 89 CD's of the year.  See what your fellow WNKU fans have determined to be the best over the last few years.