Mission & Values Statement


To creatively reflect our listening community’s passion for innovative music and locally responsive information.


  • NorthernKentucky Universityoperates WNKU as a public service.
  • WNKU actively supports and participates in Northern Kentucky University’s educational mission and outreach vision.
  • We strive to be the area’s leading contemporary cultural and informational center point.
  • We employ the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality, uninterrupted programming on our HD and Internet broadcasts.
  • We operate our business at the highest level of professional standards and integrity.
  • We are wise stewards of the valued member and community support that we receive.
  • We are responsive to audiences, business partners, financial supporters, educators, and our community at large.
  • We support the cultural, social and economic development of our region's communities.
  • We welcome new partners who strive to enrich the cultural enjoyment, education and development of the Tri-State region
  • We celebrate the depth and flavor of multiple genres of contemporary music we play.
  • We exhibit mutual respect for our colleagues, peers, and audience.
  • We work together in an environment that encourages participation and sharing of the decisions that affect the enlightenment and culture of the region and our audiences.