Improving Reception

With a little effort, you can greatly improve the reception of radio in your home.

If your car radio can receive WNKU on your driveway, you can receive us in your house with a radio and antenna upgrade.  Height matters.  A simple solution to improved WNKU reception could be had by hooking a good radio to an outdoor TV antenna pointed toward WNKU's Highland Hts., KY location. You could probably mount the antenna in your attic.  An inexpensive and recommended outdoor antenna for FM is the Winegard HD-6000. Google will find numerous sources for this antenna. Remember to include a lightning protector.  Amplified indoor FM antennas are not recommended.  Good radio receivers have an antenna connection on the back. If there are two screws, use what is known as a balun coil to connect to the antenna cable. Search for an inexpensive Winegard TV-2900.  If you live in an apartment or a neighborhood that will not allow an outdoor antenna, an outdoor type antenna can be effective in the attic. Improvements may also be seen with the simple ‘T’ type antenna placed experimentally for improved reception. Google ‘FM antenna’.  Old style rabbit ears can sometimes work.  If the radio receiver has just a wire hanging out the back, adding to the length of the wire and experimenting with its positioning might help.  Remember - height matters.  One of the best FM radio tuners now on the market is the Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner. It should cost less than $100.00. Please note that it is a tuner only and will need to be connected to an amplifier and speakers. Inexpensive powered computer speakers are a handy solution.

If FM reception is still a problem on your home stereo, you can always listen to our live stream online at  With the recent upgrade to 56K stereo, our online stream sounds great on any computer anywhere in the world.  And did you know, for the best sound, you can hook your computer up to any home stereo?  Simply purchase an audio cable, like the one pictured here, with a 3.5mm stereo mini-phone plug (also known as 3.5mm TRS) on one end and left and right RCA plugs on the other end.

Google "3.5mm RCA" for many selections. One can be found here: 

Plug the 3.5mm plug into the light green colored jack on the back of the computer (line out) and the RCA plugs to AUX, CD, TUNER, etc. jacks on the stereo amplifier.  It's simple to do, and it ensures reception of WNKU will never be a problem on your home stereo again!