Jane Sachs http://wnku.org en Jayne Sachs Graces WNKU's Studio http://wnku.org/post/jayne-sachs-graces-wnkus-studio <p>Jayne Sachs, our neighbor in Dayton, Ohio was able to visit WNKU&#39;s&nbsp;studio before performing at PNC&#39;s Acoustic Thursday on Fountain Square. WNKU&#39;s Elaine Diehl&nbsp;enjoyed her music, as well as her company. The two discuss the wonderful world of songwriting, and the effects of motherhood on motivation, and writer&#39;s block. &nbsp;</p><p></p><p> Tue, 26 Jun 2012 19:30:52 +0000 Elaine Diehl & Veronica Ruschman 12276 at http://wnku.org Jayne Sachs Graces WNKU's Studio