Mary Karr en Rodney Crowell - "KIN" <p>The CD of the Month for June is Rodney Crowell&#39;s <em>&quot;Kin&quot;</em></p><p><strong><a href=";PAGETYPE=PLG&amp;CHECK=nTVTsCAcZKMVQycLjeawDdW0piuR9ZMb" target="_blank">JOIN THE CLUB TODAY!</a></strong></p><p>FROM RODNEYCROWELL.COM: Grammy Award-winner Rodney Crowell and New York Times best-selling author Mary Karr are scheduled to release KIN, SONGS BY MARY KARR AND RODNEY CROWELL on Vanguard Records June 5, 2012. Produced by Joe Henry, KIN marks the first collaboration between the two writers and is Karr&#39;s entry into the world of music. Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:28:57 +0000 John Patrick 11467 at Rodney Crowell - "KIN"