Coverage Map

WNKU can now be heard on 105.9 and 104.1, as well as 89.7. 

Since WNKU signed on the air in 1985, the complaint we’ve heard more than any other has been in regards to signal strength and reach. But now, you can hear WNKU loud and clear on 105.9 FM and 104.1 FM!  The two new frequencies not only solve WNKU’s battle with weak signal problems in parts of Northern Kentucky, downtown Cincinnati, and the northern suburbs. It booms the station’s mix of rock, indie, Americana and soul music to north of Dayton and east to Huntington, W. Va.  For anyone who has ever had problems tuning in 89.7 in and around Cincinnati, they will find static-free relief in 105.9 FM. The frequency has nearly three times the signal strength of 89.7 FM and comes in clear from north of Dayton to well south of the Ohio River.   Chances are, the majority of our current listeners in Ohio will find the most consistent reception at 105.9.  In Northern Kentucky, 89.7 FM will remain a good bet, especially the farther south one is.  104.1 FM is the most powerful of the frequencies at 100,000 watts. It extends from the eastern edge of Cincinnati up to the southern edge of Columbus, 90 + miles south of Portsmouth, and all the way beyond Huntington, W. Va.  With these three frequencies preset in a car stereo, one can easily travel from Richmond, Ind., to the outskirts of Charleston, W. Va., with WNKU as their constant companion.  The programs, DJ’s, and great music and news have not changed.  And, if you pick us up just fine on 89.7, that hasn't changed either.  But now – you can share us with friends in far off places!