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The acquisition of 105.9 FM in Middletown, Ohio and 104.1 FM in Portsmouth, Ohio provides an excellent opportunity to extend your brand as WNKU enhances its services. WNKU’s reach has tripled, adding 26 Kentucky counties to the southeast, 31 Ohio counties to our north/northeast/southeast, 8 eastern Indiana counties and 14 western counties in West Virginia.  Census data reveals that there are nearly 5.7 million people living within our listenable contours. 

WHY become a Business Sponsor?

Research has shown the majority of WNKU’s listeners believe that when a business sponsors a program, it acts out of an interest in the public good. 

As a result, underwriters are perceived as fellow supporters of public radio, rather than businesses merely running an ad.  According to the FCC, an on-air underwriting announcement is not traditional advertising.  We believe it is better! 

Why is underwriting on WNKU better than a “traditional” commercial?  WNKU offers limited on-air interruptions during our programming – this means your announcement will not be buried in the traditional long sweep of commercials.

HOW is your announcement created?

WNKU’s underwriting staff will work closely with you to create an announcement that matches your marketing and public relations needs that comply with FCC regulations applicable to non-commercial stations.  Your announcement can be as long as 20 seconds in length, not including the standard opening – “Support for WNKU comes from our member and from”….the simpler the message, the more effective it will be.

WHAT can you say?

·         Name of business

·         Location of business

·         A description of your services/products

·         Your registered slogan (documented in use 6 months or longer

·         Your brand name

·         Your telephone number(s)

·         Web address

·         Company philosophy

·         Vendors for co-op purposes

WHAT do we avoid?

·         Superlative language (the world’s greatest)

·         Call to action (direct or implied)

·         Price, value, savings information (“free” is considered a price)

·         Any inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease

·         Qualitative, promotional, or comparative language

WNKU’s personalities will produce your announcement.  Final approval is at the discretion of WNKU with your agreement. 

These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial ambiance that our community and public radio listeners value so highly.  The integrity of the relationship between WNKU and its listeners extend to the underwriter.  The public radio listener positively identifies the underwriter with the high quality programming they hear on WNKU.  Our listeners are clients you would gladly welcome to your business!  Many local businesses have seen the value in underwriting on WNKU. 


"As a business owner I am always looking for creative ways to spread awareness about our local family owned company, as well as new ways to support and work with other local service providers. As a music lover, and perhaps the biggest in the insurance field, I cannot say enough how much I value WNKU's presence in the local media spectrum, and their ability to introduce fresh, new, intelligent content and programming to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. At IndePro Insurance, I find that our very best clients and partners closely resemble the aspects and qualities of the typical WNKU listener, and I am thrilled to be able to support the station and network with other like minded individuals and businesses. Thank you so much WNKU, you rock!"

-Michael C. Walker, Owner & Agent/IndePro Insurance

“Media has a crucial role in letting people know about artists, culture and news. WNKU is a stellar example of an entity that does the public justice in informing our region about our cultural and service assets.”

Eric Harmon/Cincy Magazine


"Strauss & Troy has a reputation for supporting a variety of deserving causes…in fulfillment of our commitment to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities.  We are particularly proud of our relationship with WNKU.  Our underwriting and support of WNKU makes for a true win-win relationship:  the station benefits from our support; we receive recognition as a pillar of the community; and listeners receive the excellent programming that they have come to expect from WNKU."

Paul Calico, Attorney/Strauss & Troy


"We know WNKU’s loyal listeners love downtown so it makes perfect sense for Downtown Cincinnati, Inc. to run spots on WNKU to promote all that’s happening downtown.  Over the past year, we’ve seen big increases in the number of people who shop and dine downtown, as well as attend events."

Mindy Rosen/Sr. VP, Communications and Marketing
Downtown Cincinnati, Inc.

Find out how your business can be associated with Public Radio That Rocks by contacting Valerie Abbott at (859) 572-6050 or